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LED filament lamp performance characteristics and package introduction

Update:16 Apr 2018

LED filament lamp, also known as LED lamp post, LED lam […]

LED filament lamp, also known as LED lamp post, LED lamp stick (some of the larger width of the substrate led LED lights, not repeat them here) widely used and led bulb light, led fluorescent lamp. LED light source to reach a certain degree of illumination and light area, the need to install optical devices such as lenses, not only affect the lighting effect, and the heat dissipation is less effective and then reduce the LED energy efficiency, large-view LED filament to solve the above problems, real Completed 360° full point of view, no need to add a lens to complete the new stereo light source.

LED filament lamp package is a kind of technological innovation. We know that the general LED lamp bead is a chip with a single voltage of 3.0V fixed in a plastic support cup, and then it is packaged by dispensing, that is PLCC package. In the LED filament, a plurality of chips are fixed in series on a glass substrate, and then die-molded packaging is completed. The LED filament has the characteristics of low current and high voltage, which effectively reduces the heat of the LED and the cost of the driver, and has outstanding advantages.

LED filament lamp technology is usually 28 pieces of 0.02W 1016 LED chip serially packaged on a 38mm long, diameter 1.5mm glass substrate, and then die-top fluorescent glue to complete. The LED filament lamp is driven by 10mA current, the voltage is 84V, the power is 0.84W, the luminous flux is 100lm, and the luminous efficiency can reach 120lm/W. If the red chip is deployed, the color rendering index can reach above 95, which has excellent photoelectric function.

Led filament lamp and serial differences

First, the led lamp has no filament, and its basic structure is an electroluminescent semiconductor material chip, which is solidified on the bracket with silver glue or white glue, and then the silver chip or gold wire is used to connect the chip and the circuit board, and then the ring is used. Oxygen resin seals, protects the inner core, and finally installs the shell.

Then the lights of the LED lights are all connected in parallel, which means that one of the lights has a problem and does not affect the other lights.