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Edison bulb composition

Update:13 Dec 2017

Edison bulb mainly by the glass lampshade (also known a […]

Edison bulb mainly by the glass lampshade (also known as the glass lamp shell), filament, wire, sense column, lamp holder and other components.
1. Glass lampshade: made of spherical shape, the production of materials is heat-resistant glass, it is the filament and air isolation, both transparent, but also from the protective effect. Edison bulb work, the temperature of glass shade up to about 100 ℃.
2. Filament: It is also much thinner than the hair of tungsten wire, made of spiral. It looks very short filament, in fact, this very thin spiral tungsten wire pulled into a straight line, this straight line as much as 1 meter long.
3. Wires The two wires on the surface is very simple, in fact, by the inner conductor, dumet wire and the outer conductor of three parts. And fixing the conductive wire to the filament, made with copper or nickel-plated wire made; a short intermediate red called dumet wire, it is closely combined with the glass required without leakage; outer conductor is copper, the task Is connected to the lamp for electricity.
4. Sense column A horn-shaped glass parts is the sense column, which attached to the glass shell, plays the role of fixed metal parts. One of the exhaust pipe used to extract the air in the glass shell, and then seal the bottom of the welding, the lamp will not leak.
5 lamp holder is connected to the lamp holder and connected to the power of the metal parts, with mud to bond it with the glass.